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The healthcare sector is the first choice for investors today

Hardly any person can cope in his or her last years without medication and medical services. This is a strong reason for many investors to focus on the medical sector for investments.

Although the consultant market for healthcare investment is currently manageable due to a small number of providers, we suspect a significant increase due to strong investment needs.

Many providers are merely financial intermediaries. Through his many years of practical activity in the medical sector, Dr. Dr. Heigis not only acts as a consultant in the field of equipment, but also knows the market very well from the point of view of the end user.
Many companies have been relying on his expertise for years when deciding on product developments and/or investments.

The projects of the health market in medicine are almost always very individual. We will find the right project for you as an investor, individually based on your needs and requirements:

  • Investment object: Do you personally believe in the project?
  • Project duration: How long does the (investment) project take?
  • Project probability of success: How economical is the concept behind it?
  • Projekt-Erfolgswahrscheinlichkeit: Wie wirtschaftlich ist das dahinterstehende Konzept?
  • Project planner: Can the company carrying out the project demonstrate proven success?

We will also find the right investor for you as a company with whom you can grow together and build a successful future for your company.

heigis sw-neu
Dr. Dr. Gerald Heigis
Arzt, Zahnarzt, Dipl. Ges. Oec.



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